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James K. Meehan

Massachusetts Personal Injury Lawyer

James K. Meehan is an experienced Massachusetts personal injury lawyer prepared to help you with your case.

As a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer, Attorney Meehan sees what a ripple effect your injury has on your life. When our office handles your personal injury case, you can rest easier knowing that the legal aspects of your recovery are in good hands.

Assisting you early on, with early investigation of parties and witnesses, through the period of your medical treatment and bills, to the medical end result of your injury and bringing the legal aspects of your injury to conclusion, our staff is trained to navigate you through the maze to advance your claim.

Whether your damages are from a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, dog bite, dangerous or defective product, or any of the broad categories of negligence cases listed above, you need to know your rights and even the playing field in dealing with insurers. With the help of a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer, this process can be simplified.

We handle these cases on an individual basis, because no matter whether your claim fits into a category such as those listed above, it is still unique to you, your circumstances, and your injury. Part of our job is to make the at-fault party understand how your injuries have impacted you, and to help you get compensated appropriately.

We are thoroughly experienced trial attorneys, and have handled thousands of personal injury matters, large and small, simple and complex. Preparing the case for trial and working toward settlement, we will assist you in bringing your Massachusetts personal injury case to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion.

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Jim Meehan has helped me on a few occasions with excellent service, results, and professionalism. I highly recommend this Firm.

Christopher Walsh

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